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Military medicine
adjective Capable of moving or being moved from place to place and designed to operate tactically in that manner.

Vox populi-UK
noun Cell phone.


Abbreviation for:
More Patency With Beta Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis in the Lower Extremity
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Key Applications/end-users of Global and China Mobile Phone ChargersMarket: Power Bank & General Charger
In a recent meeting of the Senate Standing Committee, it was revealed that over 47,000 international travellers' data had been misused for illegal registration of mobile phones through the DIRBS.
The import of mobile phones came under strict regime following reports of duty free imports in passenger baggage and its subsequent selling in open market.
She says most of the time, they normally rent houses in other villages where they pay Sh300 per month, just to see that they are using their mobile phones.
The official said the system had been developed to identify substandard, fake and illegally imported mobile phones, register and block the non-compliant devices.
However, the government is still working on formulating regulatory duty rates for used mobile phones which will be soon notified after approval of the federal cabinet.
Also it would make students with not so latest mobile phones be a victim of inferiority complex.
Mobile phones, both professional and personal, are used in close proximity to patients, as reported in behavioral studies.
Pimp My Gadget is the popular mobile phone, tablet and gadget repair shop in Brisbane.
Al Khaili added: "Using a mobile phone while driving causes a loss of concentration on the road which leads to serious accidents.Motorists should refrain from using mobile phones while driving to guarantee their safety and safety of other road users."
The number of mobile phone users in 1999 in Kyrgyzstan was around 2,600.