mobile element

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mobile genetic element

(1) A DNA sequence (e.g., insertion sequence or transposon) that promotes its own transposition.
(2) A DNA sequence on a chromosomes that can move to new sites in the genome other than by mutation.
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mobile element

A nucleotide sequence that can be inserted successfully into several different places in the genome.
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One of the main challenges in routing of MWSNs is determining the moving pattern of the mobile element (i.e., sensor nodes or sink node).
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Dry contact between mobile elements is possible only under immobile conditions.
The arginine catabolic mobile element and staphylococcal chromosomal cassette mec linkage: convergence of virulence and resistance in the USA300 clone of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Focus on the of the mobile elements speed stability and optimizing necessary torque for driving mobile elements on each axis.
A spokesperson for IDT said that ToucanMobile is a big step forward for the company, and that adding a mobile element to its consumer offering will strengthen the company as the telecomms market moves from fixed line to mobile services.
Since bacteria, viruses, and other infectious organisms have enzymes that cut and paste DNA, they suspect that a microbial infection--one that made it deep enough into the body to infect a sperm or egg--transferred the mobile element into an ancient jawed vertebrate.
There are four mobile coordinate systems and for each of them the [O.sub.j][x.sub.j] axis has been chosen along the element direction (j--the number of the mobile element).
Rhodes and their colleagues at ARS report the first evidence for such a mobile element, often called a transposon, in soybean plants.
There are many technical solutions (Pashkov et al., 2004; Avram et al., 2008) characterized by the shape of the seat and of the mobile element, the type of the movement between them, the adjustment method.

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