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The mingling or blending of particles or components, especially of different kinds.
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It monitors the position of the weight or plunger during the mixing process.
Airless chopper, wet-out and gel-coat spray systems feature "no-flush" external mixing and are reported to offer simple operation, built-in safety factors, and fast, efficient production.
This impression material is designed to be mixed in the 3M ESPE Pentamix[TM] Mixing Unit.
For the fiber stock tested, mixing is significantly dependent on the stock consistency when the velocity ratio is small (Rv @ 1).
Mixing--During mixing of the sand, resin and additives, several factors can result in decreased benchlife.
In the past decade, by using laboratory mixers and mathematical models trimmed of many of the complexities of actual industrial-mixing operations, investigators have made progress toward predicting why mixing does or doesn't occur.
The Banbury mixer design is targeted for efficient compounding where the emphasis is on productivity for multiple and single pass mixing processes.
Also PLC/servo-motor-controlled metering and mixing systems with pushbutton ratio, shot size, and output rate control.
However, most are unaware of how these sand variables influence mixing. Three examples include:
With 7 years of TOPEX/Poseidon data in hand, Egbert says, the scientists could map tidal currents, looking to see where they scattered into underwater tides, presumably mixing deep water.
A very important part of running any mixing operation is the calibration of the various gauges used in the system to provide measured feedback and/or control of functionality.
Mixers include Rota-Cone tumble blender, ribbon and paddle blenders, Forberg-II mixer, and sigma-blade mixers for pastes and high-viscosity mixing. Specializes in custom mixing equipment with ancillary equipment such as load cells, bag dump, and dust control.