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Yesterday a patient from Ward D2 East, a mixed-sex ward in the Royal Gwent Hospital at Newport, said the incident had been amusing at the time, but showed how easy it was to abuse NHS facilities.
Our analysis of NHS England statistics found between October 2013 and September 2014, there were 2,340 mixed-sex ward breaches.
But I once entered a mixed-sex ward to see a nurse standing over him bellowing: "Do you want to wee, Jimmy?
From July last year, when Mrs May first moved to Downing Street, until June this year there were 8,546 instances of mixed-sex ward use - up 49% on the 5,720 in the year before.
Elderly women are often uncomfortable when asked to share a mixed-sex ward, an investigation by medical care experts said.
But recent figures show that 15 per cent of hospitals still use at least one open-plan mixed-sex ward.
This transparency and candour would go a long way to back up staff who often find they're on the horns of a dilemma, trying to balance the need to give sick, vulnerable patients treatment and the distress they may feel in being on a mixed-sex ward.
The mixed-sex ward was commended for its focus on supporting patients' physical healthcare needs, as well as those related to mental health.
The 5 wards for adult patients consist of 1 emergency and acute care ward (closed mixed-sex ward) and 4 long-term care wards (2 closed mixed-sex wards, 1 open male ward, and 1 open female special ward).
QUESTION marks surround the future of a women-only dementia ward as health chiefs have proposed creating a single mixed-sex ward.
It would seem like a massive retrograde step for the health board to revert back to a mixed-sex ward for dementia patients at St David's Hospital, especially as a new era in mental health care for the elderly is opening on the other side of the city.
Despite official figures stating 99% of patients are now treated in single-sex wards, the national survey of 2,500 patients by the government's Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health found 25% of patients believe they are on what they would class as a mixed-sex ward.