mixed thrombus

mixed throm·bus

a laminated thrombus, the layers of different ages being of different color or consistency.
Synonym(s): stratified thrombus
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have previously developed a novel application method of TACMs by mixing TACMs with whole blood in vitro to form a stronger mixed thrombus as embolic agent [16].
In addition, we established hepatic artery injury animal model of 6 beagles to clarify the embolic effect of TACMs mixed thrombus.
Then, a guiding catheter was located into the embolism site (the proximal portion of injured right hepatic artery) and the TACMs mixed thrombus (embolic agent) was released (Figure 1(d)).
The results of transcatheter application of TACMs mixed thrombus showed that the blood flow was shut down completely after the TACMs mixed thrombus was delivered to the injured hepatic artery without reflux of embolic agent.
The results of this study illustrate a significant effect of stopping bleeding by using TACMs mixed thrombus at different time points.