mixed receptive-expressive language disorder

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mixed receptive-expressive language disorder

a communication disorder involving both the expression and the comprehension of language, either spoken or signed. Patients have difficulties with language production, such as in selection of words and creation of appropriate sentences, and also have trouble understanding words, sentences, or specific types of words.

auditory processing disorder

A generic term for a condition caused by ear infections and head trauma characterised by difficulty in processing of auditory information in the CNS.

Auditory processing disorders—difficulties in:
• Sound localisation and lateralisation;
• Auditory discrimination;
• Auditory pattern recognition;
• Temporal aspects of audition, including
    — Temporal integration,
    — Temporal discrimination (e.g., temporal gap detection),
    — Temporal ordering and temporal masking;
• Auditory performance in competing acoustic signals (including dichotic listening);
• Auditory performance with degraded acoustic signals.