mixed methods research

mix·ed meth·ods re·search

(mikst meth'uds rĕ'sĕrch)
An investigative technique that reports both quantitative and qualitative data.
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Students Abdulqudus Sanni (GU-Q'20), Khalid Marafi(GU-Q'20), Muhammad Ibrahim Tariq (GU-Q'20), John Robling (GU-Q'19), Ali Al Sheebani (GU-Q'20), and Nasser Al Kaabi (GU-Q'20) will conduct mixed methods research including an ethnographic study to explore this topic.
Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Mixed Methods Research and Evaluation
Study Design: A mixed methods research design was adopted.
Toward a definition of mixed methods research. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1(2), 112-133.
Mixed methods research (MMR) popularity has increased in the last decade [9, 10].
En EEUU y en Inglaterra hubo una gran difusion y reflexion sobre la cuestion en journals--American Behavioral Scientist, Qualitative Inquiry, y el Journal of Mixed Methods Research que se crea en 2007-, en revistas, en congresos, en manuales e investigaciones que los emplean, quiza para llenar un vacio sobre el tema.
According to Tashakkori and Creswell (2007), mixed methods research is "research in which the researcher collects and analyzes data, integrates the findings, and draws inferences using both qualitative and quantitative approaches or methods in a single study or program of inquiry" (p.
Intersectionality and Mixed Methods Research Design
There are three important reasons for employing mixed methods research: (i) illustration; (ii) convergent validation; and (iii) analytic density (or "richness").
The study reported in this paper is part of a larger, exploratory sequential, mixed methods research design where the qualitative results from a series of focus groups informed the development of a survey instrument.
His work has been published in Citizenship Studies, The Journal of Mixed Methods Research, and The Economic and Labour Relations Review.