mixed mesodermal tumor

mixed mes·o·der·mal tu·mor

a sarcoma of the body of the uterus arising in older women, composed of more than one mesenchymal tissue, especially including striated muscle cells.
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It has ended up one of those I remember most fondly not only because of the inherent interest of the tumors but also because it clearly "put on the map" a tumor that before that delineation was often misdiagnosed as a carcinoma or even a malignant mixed mesodermal tumor. These account for 15% of SLCTs and exhibit focal to extensive patterns resembling those of the rete testis, usually occurring within otherwise typical intermediate and poorly differentiated SLCTs; heterologous elements may also be present.
Endometrial adenofibroma was first described in 1959 as a benign form of mixed mesodermal tumor [1].
A case of mixed mesodermal tumor of the uterine cervix.
Carcinosarcoma (mixed mesodermal tumor) of the ureter.
In view of its complex histologic architecture, TCS has also been known as malignant teratoma, blastoma, and mixed mesodermal tumor.1 It may be mistaken for esthesioneuroblastoma because of its neuroectodermal histologic component and features of cribriform plate transgression.
Mixed mesodermal tumor of the ovary: analysis of prognostic factors in 31 cases.
Characteristics of cell lines established from a mixed mesodermal tumor of the human ovary: carcinomatous cells are changeable to sarcomatous cells.
Carcinosarcoma (malignant mixed mesodermal tumor) of the uterus: a gynecologic oncology group pathologic study of 203 cases.
Cancers that developed after long-term tamoxifen therapy tended to be mixed mesodermal tumors or sarcomas of the endometrium rather than less invasive types.
The expression of epidermal growth factor receptor, HER-2/Neu, p53, and Ki-67 antigen in uterine malignant mixed mesodermal tumors and adenosarcoma.