mixed mania

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mixed mania

Mania in which euphoric or irritable symptoms coincide with symptoms of depression for at least one week.
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Mixed mania

A mental state in which symptoms of both depression and mania occur simultaneously.
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Efficacy of valproate versus lithium in mania or mixed mania: a randomized, open 12-week trial.
And rather than the classic grandiosity and elation characteristic of adult mania, children with bipolar disorder tend to present with mixed mania marked by irritability; agitation; and, sometimes, aggression.
They found that compared to non-substance abusers, substance-abusing bipolar patients were more likely to have frequent hospitalizations for affective symptoms, earlier onset of bipolar disorder, more rapid cycling, and more mixed mania (the latter two considered to be the most severe, treatment-resistant forms of bipolar disorder).
* Electroconvulsive therapy (electroshock) is often helpful in the treatment of severe depression and/or mixed mania that does not respond to medications.
(10) Relative to "pure" mania without mixed symptoms, mixed mania occurs more frequently in women than men, and those with mixed mania had a hospitalization at a younger age.

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