mixed mania

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mixed mania

Mania in which euphoric or irritable symptoms coincide with symptoms of depression for at least one week.
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Mixed mania

A mental state in which symptoms of both depression and mania occur simultaneously.
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10) Relative to "pure" mania without mixed symptoms, mixed mania occurs more frequently in women than men, and those with mixed mania had a hospitalization at a younger age.
And rather than the classic grandiosity and elation characteristic of adult mania, children with bipolar disorder tend to present with mixed mania marked by irritability; agitation; and, sometimes, aggression.
This mixed mania, as it is called, appears to be accompanied by a greater risk of suicide and is more difficult to treat.
Electroconvulsive therapy (electroshock) is often helpful in the treatment of severe depression and/or mixed mania that does not respond to medications.

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