mixed dentition

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the teeth in the dental arch, usually referring to the natural teeth in position in the alveoli.
deciduous dentition primary teeth; see tooth.
mixed dentition the complement of teeth in the jaws after eruption of some of the permanent teeth, but before all the deciduous teeth are shed.
permanent dentition permanent teeth; see tooth.
primary dentition primary teeth; see tooth.
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mix·ed den·ti·tion

(mikst den-tishŭn)
Combination of primary and permanent teeth, usually present between ages 6 and 12 years when primary teeth are being replaced; starts with the eruption of the first permanent tooth.
Synonym(s): transitional dentition.
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It is well known that minor mal-alignment of the lower incisors in the mixed dentition phase is considered a normal developmental process.
In short, the light force protraction combined activities of the expansion of orthodontic treatment of skeletal class III malocclusion in mixed dentition, can create a good environment for the growth of maxilla and mandible, is beneficial to the normal growth of patients with maxillofacial development, improves the lateral appearance, increases patient self-confidence, reduces the difficulty of re-treatment of patients.
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Most agree that it should be initiated during the middle to late mixed dentition. It can also be used earlier if the patient can cooperate in wearing the appliance.
- CAA CLEAR-ALIGNER used in mixed dentition. - CAA CLEAR-ALIGNER as a part of other treatments.
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Children were placed into 3 groups: primary dentition group, mixed dentition group and permanent dentition group.
However, due to mixed dentition of primary and permanent teeth, children may require assistance on cleaning all the nooks and crannies.