mitral valve prolapse syndrome

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mi·tral valve pro·lapse syn·drome

the clinical constellation of findings with or without symptoms due to prolapse of the mitral valve: a nonejection systolic click accentuated in the standing posture, sometimes multiple, sometimes with mitral regurgitation occurring relatively late in systole, and accompanied by echocardiographic evidence of the mitral valve prolapse, usually with thickened leaflets of the valve. Symptoms are nonspecific and may include vague chest pains and dyspnea on exertion.
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mitral valve prolapse syndrome

Barlow syndrome,  billowing mitral valve, floppy mitral valve, myxomatous mitral valve, prolapsing mitral leaflet syndrome, systolic click-murmur syndrome Cardiology A common, heterogeneous condition which affects up to 7% of young ♀, in which the mitral valve prolapses into the left atrium Clinical MVPS is usually asymptomatic, it may be associated with fatigue and/or palpitations; it may cause sudden death by arrhythmia or rupture of cordae tendinae, leaflet thickening and leaflet redundancy; untreated Pts are at ↑ risk for infectious and hemodynamic complications of MVP EKG Inverted T waves in II, III, aVF leads, prolonged Q wave Diagnosis Clinical, echocardiography. See MASS phenotype.
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