mitral incompetence

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1. inability to function properly.
2. the legal status of a person determined by the court to be unable to manage his own affairs.
aortic incompetence aortic insufficiency.
mitral incompetence mitral insufficiency.
pulmonary incompetence pulmonary insufficiency.
tricuspid incompetence tricuspid insufficiency.
valvular incompetence valvular insufficiency.

mi·tral in·com·pe·tence

defective closure of the mitral valve permitting regurgitation into the left atrium during systole.

mitral incompetence

Failure of complete closure of the MITRAL VALVE of the heart, often as a result of damage by RHEUMATIC FEVER or coronary artery disease. The result is regurgitation of blood into the left ATRIUM when the VENTRICLE contracts so that the heart has to work harder to maintain the circulation. This leads to compensatory thickening of the muscle (heart enlargement) and sometimes HEART FAILURE. Valve replacement may be necessary.
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Its use in relation to functional mitral incompetence has not been specifically studied.
Aggressive early surgical management of patients with acute organic mitral incompetence has been shown to decrease mortality.
The incidence of acute functional mitral incompetence is dwarfed by the incidence of acute organic mitral incompetence.