mitral commissurotomy

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surgical incision or digital disruption of the components of a commissure to increase the size of the opening.
mitral commissurotomy the breaking apart of the adherent leaflets (commissure) of the mitral valve, a formerly common treatment for mitral stenosis.
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mi·tral com·mis·sur·ot·o·my

opening the narrowed mitral orifice for the relief of mitral stenosis.
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mi·tral com·mis·su·rot·o·my

(mī'trăl kom'i-shur-ot'ŏ-mē)
A surgical procedure (open or closed) to repair the mitral valve, usually required as a result of valvular disease such as mitral stenosis.
Synonym(s): mitral valvulotomy.
[L. mitra, turban, + commissura, a joining together, + G. tomē, incision]
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