mitral area

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mi·tral ar·e·a

the region of the chest over the apex of the heart, where the sounds, normal or pathologic, produced at the mitral valves are usually heard most distinctly.

mitral area

Area of the chest wall over the apex of the heart where mitral valve sounds are heard best (usually between intercostal spaces 5–6 to the left of the midclavicular line).


shaped like a miter; pertaining to the mitral valve.

mitral area
that area of the thoracic wall through which sounds of the mitral valve can best be auscultated; generally the lower one-third of the mid- to anterior left thorax.
mitral atresia-hypoplastic left heart syndrome
defects in the development of the mitral valve, left heart and aortic valve, which occur rarely in cats.
mitral complex
includes the leaflets, annulus, chordae tendineae and papillary muscles of the mitral valve, left atrium and left ventricular muscle wall.
mitral insufficiency
a functional incompetence resulting in regurgitation of blood from the left ventricle to the left atrium during systole or from the great vessels into the left atrium during diastole.
mitral regurgitation
see mitral insufficiency (above).
mitral valve
the left atrioventricular valve, the valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart; it is composed of two cusps, anterior and posterior. Called also the bicuspid valve.
mitral valve prolapse (MVP)
a condition in which some portion of the mitral valve is pushed back too far during ventricular contraction. Often a complication of mitral endocardiosis.
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Her physical examination revealed a grade 4/6 pan-systolic murmur in the mitral area.
2] 96% at room air, prosthetic valve click at mitral area and bilateral vesicular breath sounds present.
Prosthetic valve click was heard in the mitral area with an ejection systolic murmur in pulmonary area indicating pulmonary hypertension.
On auscultation there was a loud S1 and a mid-diastolic murmur at mitral area, pansystolic murmur was heard at tricuspid area, an ejection systolic murmur in pulmonary area (flow murmur) with wide and fixed split S2.