mitotic index

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mi·tot·ic in·dex

the ratio of cells in a tissue that are undergoing mitosis, often expressed as either the number of cells in a specified area of tissue section or as a percentage of the total cell sample.

mitotic index

the number of cells per unit (usually 1000 cells) undergoing mitosis during a given time. The ratio is used primarily as an estimation of the rate of tissue growth.

mitotic index

The percentage of cells in a population that are actually undergoing MITOSIS. The mitotic index is a measure of the reproductive or growth activity of a tissue.


pertaining to mitosis.

mitotic activity
degree to which a cell population is proliferating; used as an index of tumor aggression. Can be quantified by counting the percentage of cells showing mitotic figures, or by flow cytometry.
mitotic figure
the condensed chromosomes by which a cell that is undergoing mitosis can be identified.
mitotic index
the percentage of cells simultaneously in the process of division, normally calculated after counting 1000 cells. Used in morbid pathology as a measure of the malignancy of a tumor, and in clinical pathology as an index of survival time of a neoplasm.
mitotic metaphase chromosomes
chromosomes in metaphase manifesting as mitotic figures.
mitotic nondisjunction
failure of proper disjunction of the paired chromosomes during metaphase which results in the chromosomal abnormalities of monosomy or trisomy.
mitotic potential
estimate of the cell's potential reproductive capacity.
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6 mL, significantly reduced the cell division index when compared to the mitotic index observed for their respective controls, a condition that has been intensified in the ET 48 h.
After application of five different iminothiazolidinone derivatives (Compound A-E) to HeLa cell line for 24, 48 and 72 h, antimitotic effects of all treatments were evaluated with mitotic index analysis.
The mitotic index (MI) for each treatment was determined by the formula: MI = No.
Fourteen-day-old plants were then used for measurement of growth parameters (leaf fresh weight, shoot and root length, number of lateral roots) and chlorophyll a, b, carotenoid leaf protein content and leaf peroxidase activity and three day old plants were used for measurement of mitotic index.
Data on total number of aberrations, mitotic index, and abnormal metaphases were analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA), with the calculations of the F-statistic and respective P values.
2011), and symbiont mitotic index is highest during summer and autumn when host biomass is also highest (Dimond et al.
Influence of Alprazolam on mitotic activity was monitored by the mitotic index (MI), by analyzing 1000 cells for the control and each experimental treatment.
Kaplan-Meier curves were used to calculate the mean DFS and OS, and the log-rank test was applied for univariate analysis (histological type, age, menopause, size, mitotic index, and necrosis).
Mitotic index was found to be the single most important factor in predicting prognosis in many studies.
6 The role of radiotherapy as adjuvant therapy at diagnosis or recurrence remains controversial,9 but may be considered in the setting of residual disease or with features such as necrosis or high mitotic index.