mitotic activity

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mitotic activity

Oncology The degree to which a cell population proliferates, often an indicator of tumor aggressiveness; MA is measured by frequency of cell division; it is semiquantified by counting mitotic figures/high-power field, or flow cytometry. See Flow cytometry, High power fields.


pertaining to mitosis.

mitotic activity
degree to which a cell population is proliferating; used as an index of tumor aggression. Can be quantified by counting the percentage of cells showing mitotic figures, or by flow cytometry.
mitotic figure
the condensed chromosomes by which a cell that is undergoing mitosis can be identified.
mitotic index
the percentage of cells simultaneously in the process of division, normally calculated after counting 1000 cells. Used in morbid pathology as a measure of the malignancy of a tumor, and in clinical pathology as an index of survival time of a neoplasm.
mitotic metaphase chromosomes
chromosomes in metaphase manifesting as mitotic figures.
mitotic nondisjunction
failure of proper disjunction of the paired chromosomes during metaphase which results in the chromosomal abnormalities of monosomy or trisomy.
mitotic potential
estimate of the cell's potential reproductive capacity.
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05 [micro]M dose of M6P was the lowest dose that did not show evidence of significantly decreasing mitotic activity or increasing cellular damage and the 200 ng dose of TGF-[beta]1, at 48 hours, showed the most significant increase in mitotic activity over Control, these doses and the 48 hour time point were chosen for the competitive study.
Results showed that Alprazolam in all tested concentrations and treatment changes cell mitotic activity of merestimatical cells of onion roots.
The nuclei of tumor cells exhibit malignant cytological features, such as prominent nucleoli with occasional grooves and high mitotic activity (3), (4), (5), (6).
The fibroblastic nuclei were thin and elongated, without any atypia or increased mitotic activity.
The proliferating epithelial cells showed hyperchromatic nuclei and rare mitotic activity.
During muscle injury, Notch ligand, Delta, binds to its receptor and activates Notch signal transduction, which simultaneously stimulates mitotic activity of satellite cells (Conboy and Rando, 2002).
As immature neuronal precursors, these cell maintain mitotic activity in culture (whereas primary neurons lose that ability), enabling assessments of adverse effects on DNA synthesis and cell replication (Qiao et al.
The results also indicate FSH increases mitotic activity and finally EGF and FSH in combination worked to up-regulate cell proliferation.
Since the risk of mitotic errors is proportional to cellular mitotic activity, X monosomy may be secondary to increased mitotic activity after exposure to chemical and physical genotoxins, which are known to cause chromosomal loss in blood cells, or to an inherited genetic trait," the researchers said.
We speculate that recurrence and prognosis of low-grade ESS are related by extrauterine development but not by mitotic activity or DNA content.
Histologically, it is characterized by solid sheets or nests of epithelioid cells with cellular pleomorphism, increased mitotic activity, eosinophilic cytoplasm, vesicular nuclei, and prominent nucleoli.