mitotic activity

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mitotic activity

Oncology The degree to which a cell population proliferates, often an indicator of tumor aggressiveness; MA is measured by frequency of cell division; it is semiquantified by counting mitotic figures/high-power field, or flow cytometry. See Flow cytometry, High power fields.


pertaining to mitosis.

mitotic activity
degree to which a cell population is proliferating; used as an index of tumor aggression. Can be quantified by counting the percentage of cells showing mitotic figures, or by flow cytometry.
mitotic figure
the condensed chromosomes by which a cell that is undergoing mitosis can be identified.
mitotic index
the percentage of cells simultaneously in the process of division, normally calculated after counting 1000 cells. Used in morbid pathology as a measure of the malignancy of a tumor, and in clinical pathology as an index of survival time of a neoplasm.
mitotic metaphase chromosomes
chromosomes in metaphase manifesting as mitotic figures.
mitotic nondisjunction
failure of proper disjunction of the paired chromosomes during metaphase which results in the chromosomal abnormalities of monosomy or trisomy.
mitotic potential
estimate of the cell's potential reproductive capacity.
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Unlike BCC, TE/TB lack prominent cleft retraction, myxoinflammatory stroma, significant mitotic activity, cytologic atypia, or tumor necrosis (Table).
Mitotic activity was assessed by counting MFs in five different areas in 10 HPFs in the most cellular areas; the cases were then divided into the following two groups: [greater than or equal to]10/10 BBA and <10/10 HPF.
The mitotic activity was focally conspicuous, with 11 mitoses per 10 high-power fields (Fig.
In 1988, Hyams and co-workers introduced a widely accepted, non-quantitative, 4-tiered grading system based on a constellation of features including growth pattern, presence of neurofibrillary matrix, nuclear atypia, mitotic activity, presence of rosettes and necrosis.
KIT gene mutations were found in seven of the 10 tumours with a mitotic rate [greater than or equal to] 5/50 HPFs (70%), 10 of 16 with a mitotic rate [less than or equal to] 5/50 HPFs (63%), and one of four tumours with no mitotic activity (25%).
Multiple cold forceps biopsies were obtained and demonstrated atypical epithelioid cells with large nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and readily identifiable mitotic activity without a glandular component.
Both the epithelial component and the spindle cell component showed nuclear pleomorphism and a brisk mitotic activity (Figure 3).
The mitotic activity was low, the cellularity was low to mild, and there were a lot of myxoid substances with aggregation of inflammatory cells around the spindle cells.
These include deep location, size >20 mm, atypical mitotic figures, the combination of moderate to high nuclear grade, and mitotic activity of more than five mitoses per 50 (HPF).
No significant nuclear pleomorphism or mitotic activity was appreciated.
Tumors exceeding 1 cm that had low mitotic activity (five or fewer mitoses per 50 high-power fields--HPFs) usually showed the benign behavior.
As with most histologic specimens, presence of the following increases likelihood of malignancy: necrosis, spindling, vesicular nuclei with large nucleoli, increased mitotic activity, high nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio, and pleomorphism.