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Relating to mitochondria.
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adjective Referring to mitochondria.
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Mitochondrial genome structure and evolution in the living fossil vampire squid, Vampyroteuthis infernalis , and extant cephalopods.
This study shows that the company's cyclophilin inhibitors can be further developed towards the goal of offering mitochondrial myopathy patients a novel treatment option.
Understanding of mitochondrial malfunctioning in various pathological conditions, genomic background and molecular mechanisms may provide new therapeutic approaches for prevention of diseases associated with the defected function of mitochondria.
This new mechanism involves melatonin's ability to preserve mitochondrial function.
"A better understanding of how mitochondrial function is impacted in patients with chronic SCI is critical for developing interventions to increase mitochondrial function and improve metabolic outcomes ...
Mitochondrial transfer has several physiological functions.
Mitochondrial hormesis (otherwise named mitochondrial biogenesis) is a cellular programed process that adjusts energy production by synthesis of new organelles and regulation of interorganelle interactions.
Amazentis is an innovative life science company that employs TODAY's leading research and clinical science to develop the next generation of products targeting mitochondrial health for advanced nutrition.
reported that mtDNA mutations resulted in complex I deficiency in the mitochondrial respiratory chain in benign renal oncocytoma cells (19).
The newly-certified center is part of the Mitochondrial Care Network, formed by professional and patient advocacy groups includingthe Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine, MitoAction, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and the Mitochondrial Medicine Society.

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