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Relating to mitochondria.


adjective Referring to mitochondria.


pertaining to mitochondria.

mitochondrial RNAs
a unique set of tRNAs, mRNAs, rRNAs, transcribed from mitochondrial DNA by a mitochondrial-specific RNA polymerase, that account for about 4% of the total cell RNA that are transcribed.
mitochondrial targeting signal
a not fully defined sequence of amino acids, rich in hydroxyl amino acids and normally lacking acidic residues, that is recognized by a mitochondrial receptor that permits mitochondrial-specific proteins synthesized in the cytoplasm to be imported into mitochondria.
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This study shows that the company's cyclophilin inhibitors can be further developed towards the goal of offering mitochondrial myopathy patients a novel treatment option.
Mitochondrial or other genetic diseases, as well as neurological diseases, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus were excluded.
This new mechanism involves melatonin's ability to preserve mitochondrial function.
A better understanding of how mitochondrial function is impacted in patients with chronic SCI is critical for developing interventions to increase mitochondrial function and improve metabolic outcomes .
When a person has mitochondrial disease, the mitochondria in the cells are not producing enough energy for the cell.
The research has confirmed the identity of a mutation causing mitochondrial disease affecting Complex I, one of five complexes involved in energy production.
More research is needed to determine how high the risk of resurgence is, says Philip Yeske, the science officer for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation in Pittsburgh.
To avoid impairing IPS cells' therapeutic value, the researchers recommend screening the cells for mitochondrial DNA mutations.
The current regulations in the UK state that mitochondrial IVF techniques should be limited to selected cases where 'there is a particular risk that the patient's egg or an embryo created using the patient's egg will carry a mtDNA abnormality and that there is a significant risk that a child born from the use of that egg will have or develop a serious mitochondrial disease'.
Cav-1 deficiency is related to impaired mitochondrial function, free cholesterol accumulation in mitochondrial membranes, increased membrane condensation, a reduction of the respiratory chain, and accumulation of reactive oxygen species [15].
What produces mitochondrial dysfunction in the first place?
Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT), which was recently granted approval in the United Kingdom, involves removing the nuclear DNA from the egg or fertilized egg of a woman with mitochondrial abnormalities and inserting it into a donor egg with normal mitochondria, after the nuclear DNA of the donor egg has been removed.

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