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To reduce the severity of; to relieve slightly.
Synonym(s): mitigate
[L. palliatus (adj.), dressed in a pallium, cloaked]
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(mit′ĭ-gāt″) [L. mitigare, to soften]
To reduce the intensity of an effect; alleviate.
mitigated (-gāt″ĕd), adjectivemitigation (mit″ĭ-gā′shŏn)
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To reduce severity of something; to relieve slightly.
Synonym(s): mitigate.
[L. palliatus (adj.), dressed in a pallium, cloaked]
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Patient discussion about mitigate

Q. I have had ankylosing spondilitis for over 25 years. What is available at this point to mitigate the effects?

A. The mainstay of the treatment severe ankylosing spondylitis today are "anti-TNF", drugs that affect the immune system through blocking the action of a protein called TNF.

Other optional treatments include sulfasalazine and thalidomide.
Of course, all these treatments require prescription and consultation with a doctor (in this case usually rheumatologist).

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holding generally that landlords do not have to mitigate their damages.
In this paper, the nonevaporative approach is explored to mitigate the damaged sites as large as 250 [micro]m, and the investigation of the C[O.sub.2] laser-based annealing technique is conducted to suppress the residual stress left on the surface of fused silica optics for the mitigation of larger damaged sites by the nonevaporative approach.
He said China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has a role to play in formulating actions to mitigate the conflict such as destruction of chemical weapons.
(45) This article suggests that it is artificial to mitigate, or not mitigate a sentence, based on this distinction.
Salt Lake City, UT, October 15, 2011 --( Inventro launches a new discussion on how to use business intelligence dashboards to mitigate business risk.
CHANCELLOR George Osborne has said there might be ways to mitigate the potential threat to investment in Scotland created by his windfall tax on oil from the North Sea, according to First Minister Alex Salmond.
Summary: Jeddah, Safar 27, 1432, Jan 31, 2011, SPA -- As many as 175 delegates belonging to Youth Teams of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) are continuing their relief works to mitigate damages suffered by residents in the neighborhoods of Jeddah city as a result of the recent heavy rains that...
It is no longer a question of environmental improvement, but of a new source of income to mitigate the economic crisis and help maintain public services.
(51) This is similar to the Criminal Law of Japan, which vests judges with the power to mitigate legally prescribed punishment without requiring any appellate court review.
Summary: Rabat - Upon instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi chaired on Wednesday a meeting on the measures undertaken to mitigate the effects of the floods that ravaged recently several Moroccan regions.
Manufacturers that can effectively manage and mitigate risks in several key areas will get more products made that conform to industry standards and experience less asset downtime, according to an analysis.
Summary: Saudi Arabia has decided to grant Morocco 500 million dollars to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices,