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To reduce the severity of; to relieve slightly.
Synonym(s): mitigate
[L. palliatus (adj.), dressed in a pallium, cloaked]


(mit′ĭ-gāt″) [L. mitigare, to soften]
To reduce the intensity of an effect; alleviate.
mitigated (-gāt″ĕd), adjectivemitigation (mit″ĭ-gā′shŏn)


To reduce severity of something; to relieve slightly.
Synonym(s): mitigate.
[L. palliatus (adj.), dressed in a pallium, cloaked]

Patient discussion about mitigate

Q. I have had ankylosing spondilitis for over 25 years. What is available at this point to mitigate the effects?

A. The mainstay of the treatment severe ankylosing spondylitis today are "anti-TNF", drugs that affect the immune system through blocking the action of a protein called TNF.

Other optional treatments include sulfasalazine and thalidomide.
Of course, all these treatments require prescription and consultation with a doctor (in this case usually rheumatologist).

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After a month of community hearings, the four-member panel concluded that the environmental impacts of the mine are "largely predictable and mitigable. The project has the potential to provide significant benefits to the North," panelists wrote.
When she had finished and my self been resumed, mine own, the mitigable, with the help of a brief torpor, it was alone.
La politica que se ha liderado por parte del Departamento Nacional de Planeacion en la decada pasada, contempla dos tratamientos en el caso de los asentamientos localizados en zonas de riesgo no mitigable. Una de ellas consiste en la reubicacion de la poblacion, proporcionandole una posibilidad habitacional.