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Destructive to mites.
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In previous studies, Cymbopogon oil has been found to have miticidal activity [26] and it is known that citral, its main component, may kill Varroa mites [41].
The active ingredients in Venerate CG and Grandevo CG bioinsecticides/miticides are each new species of non-living bacteria, with insecticidal and miticidal properties.
Turmeric and neem are known for their miticidal and antibacterial property.
Treatment of demodicosis typically involves miticidal therapy along with adjunctive therapy.
The efficacy of drugs was based on recovery of clinical signs and reduction in mite count in skin scrapings in pigs after administration of different miticidal drugs.
Table 1: Design of experiment for therapeutic evaluation of different miticidal drugs Group No.
Management by mechanical cleaning of debris from the ear canal, instillation of an acaricide into the ear canal and application of a wholebody miticidal treatment to prevent reinfestation (Nixon et al, 1997).
In addition to effective miticidal therapy, treatment of concurrent bacterial and/or fungal infection, internal parasitism and underlying systemic disease must be undertaken to maximize successful treatment (Mueller et al., 2012; Singh et al., 2011).