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verb A regional term meaning to inject a drug.


A title used in the UK for a female (e.g., surgeon) who may or may not be married.


Modified Injury Severity Scale. A method for quantifying paediatric multi-trauma injuries (excluding burns). MISS categorising injuries into five body areas (neurologic, face and neck, chest, abdomen and pelvic contents, extremities and pelvic girdle), each with a score of 1 (minor) to 5 (critical with uncertain survival); the total score is the sum of the squares of the three most injured body regions.
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Modified Injury Severity Scale Urgent care A method for quantifying pediatric multi-trauma (excluding burns) injuries; MISS is the sum of the squares of the 3 most injured body regions, after the AMA's abbreviated injury scale–AIS, substituting the Glasgow coma scale for neurologic evaluation. See Glasgow coma scale.
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Q. I have missed 2 periods and had my tubes tied. What could be wrong? I went to the doctor and she didnt even do an exam. She said dont worry until I have missed for 6 months.

A. go to enather dr. you have to be shure.

Q. can a woman ger pregnant if she misses a few birth control pills? my girlfriend missed 2 this month and now her period is a bit late. should I be woried?

A. Even on birth control it is possible to get pregnant. Birth control pills are not always 100% perfect in preventing pregnancy. Has she ever missed any pills in the past? Her body may be trying to re-adjust and that can be a reason why she is "late."

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