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They added: "Having considered all of the evidence from expert witnesses and the officer, the panel found the allegations proven as gross misconduct."
Their findings suggest a strong connection between people's actions in their personal and professional lives and provide support for the idea that eliminating workplace sexual misconduct may also reduce fraudulent activity.
'The Department of Public Works and Transport will continue to investigate why Sophat committed such misconduct. If we find fault, the department can send a letter to Siem Reap Provincial Hall requesting her removal,' he said.
Meanwhile, the RCI can wait until this is over while the police and the MACC can proceed with their investigation on any allegations of misconduct or corruption in the judiciary,' he said, the latter referring to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
Justice Lenaola said that they found that Mutava's conduct amounted to gross misconduct.
We find that financial adviser misconduct is broader than a few heavily publicized scandals.
It also alleges that the co-founders gave sexual misconduct accused Andy Rubin a 'hero's farewell' with a USD 90 million exit package.
But Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane announced yesterday that an independent panel found 'no misconduct or gross misconduct'.
Hurwood denied misconduct and did not admit any sexually inappropriate behaviour.
Presently, three superior courts judges' cases of misconduct are being reported.
The report noted that thanks to new legislation passed in 2017, a new VA Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection will be responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct involving senior officials.