In radiation therapy, incorrect administration of radiation by dose or treatment.
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Corruption, nepotism, misadministration and lack of vision in PHF have adversely affected the performance graph of the national team.
He alleged that the misadministration in the Soui Southern Gas Company was causing serious loss .
This criticism was emphasized during Higinia's trial because it was confirmed that Varela had indeed left the prison, reaffirming the scandal surrounding Carcel's misadministration.
They are committed to serve their vested interests through massive corruption, misadministration and patronizing organized crime gangs.
Faculty members said the vice chancellor had failed to secure funding for any development project and had been a nightmare for the university due to misadministration.
These two instances of misadministration of justice are particularly dismaying and appalling because the victims are individuals whom many of us in the academic community consider as paragons of expertise and virtue.
The reason doctors are leaving Nicosia General Hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) is not the salary, incentives, workload, political views or trade-union issues, but their inability to effectively serve the severely ill in a work environment that has seen years of misadministration, three intensive care doctors who have resigned in the last 18 months said on Thursday.
UNDER the misadministration of the Assembly, under the misguidance of Carwyn Jones, the Welsh NHS has deteriorated to a shadow of its former state due to the deprivation of funding which has has been redirected in huge tranches to other projects namely the promotion of the Welsh language.
Last week, O'Reilly, who in her role investigates complaints about misadministration in EU institutions, agencies and bodies, sent a letter to Juncker requesting clarification on the Commission's position on Barroso's appointment.
This had been further aggravated by the population's ethnic make-up, predominantly Thai Muslims, which had produced a major degree of alienation intensified by government misadministration. Additionally, daily life there, particularly in urban areas, was continually plagued by a higher level of common banditry and lawlessness, more so than in the Kingdom's other regions, making it very difficult for authorities to differentiate between criminal lawlessness and terrorist acts commissioned by domestic Thai terrorist or Muslim Separatist groups."
This testing can ensure that PEP is appropriately administered to prevent rabies in persons with exposures to confirmed rabid animals, and might avoid misadministration of PEP to nonexposed persons.
Comprehensive claims are based on the assertion that Aboriginal rights and title to land and resources were never relinquished through treaty or other legal means, while specific claims refer to alleged misadministration of Indian assets or the non-fulfillment of government responsibilities related to treaties (INAC, 1993; Comprehensive Claims Branch, 2007).