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En ninos es frecuente la letargia, coma, convulsiones, debilidad muscular flacida, miosis, taquicardia y salivacion excesiva (23).
Miosis after laser procedure is an important factor that makes surgery more difficult.
La via aferente del reflejo pupilar es comun a la miosis y midriasis, se origina en celulas de la retina (neuronas ganglionares) cuyos axones llegan al "centro pupilar" en el tronco del encefalo, en la zona pretectal de Ransom.
Miosis (small pupils) is pathognomonic for opioid drug administration and is a consequence of effects on the sympathetic nervous system.
Naloxone eye drops reverse the miosis in runners--implications for an endogenous opiate lest.
Toxicity cases present with miosis, hypotension, bradycardia, and respiratory and central nervous system depression, mimicking narcotic overdose.
Los primeros sintomas suelen ser muscarinicos: miosis, vision borrosa, sudacion, hipersecrecion bronquial, broncoespasmo, bradicardia, bloqueo AV, aumento del peristaltismo intestinal.
Miosis Reactivas a la luz Lesion a nivel del diencefalo, trastornos metabolicos, drogas como la heroina, barbituricos, pilocarpina.
At least two of the following: At least one of the following is Bilateral location present ipsilateral to the pain: Pressing/tightening Conjunctival injection and/or (nonpulsating) quality lacrimation Mild or moderate intensity Nasal congestion and/or Not aggravated by routine rhinorrhea physical activity Eyelid edema Forehead and facial sweating Miosis and/or ptosis And both of the following: Attacks have a frequency from No nausea or vomiting once every other day to eight No more than one of photophobia times a day.
Signs included ataxia in all cases (7/7), weak hindlimbs and/or forelimbs and paresis (4/7), complete paralysis (2/7), seizures (2/7), chewing (1/7), partial blindness (2/7), jaundice and/or hepatitis (2/7), and miosis of the pupils (1/7).
Sympathetic blockade associated with Horner's Syndrome (ptosis, miosis, anhydrosis) * Inadequate analgesia (especially shoulder tip pain secondary to diaphragmatic irritation) Unexpected--potential to be serious.