minute objects

min·ute ob·jects

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As they drew nearer and could distinguish details, the effect of the earth with its minute objects and colours and different forms of life was overwhelming after four weeks of the sea, and kept them silent.
But the Bremen had two boats out; the Theodore Roosevelt was also dropping boats to where the drift of minute objects struggled, rising and falling on the big, broad Atlantic waves....
Summary: The film opens upon an out-of-focus shot of an index finger moving minute objects around on a white surface.
While cloaking research is using light to hide large objects, sub-wavelength imaging is using light to make minute objects that were once hidden, visible.
Conventional wisdom stated you needed a magnifying lens to study minute objects, until electrons were used to illuminate them in super-fine detail in 1965.
Researchers are currently using their knowledge to create 24-hour aftershaves, invisible ear devices for the deaf, and minute objects to guide missiles.
The monitor shows a 60-times enlargement of the actual image falling on the CCD, so even the most minute objects are immediately evident when viewed from the telescope platform 10 feet away.
Even minute objects at great distances can be seen with pinpoint sharpness.
The IBM researchers are not alone in their pursuit to "manhandle" minute objects formerly off-limits even to remote-controlled probing.
The light travels in a narrow beam from the sensor, allowing detection of minute objects from greater distances.