Rivinus, August Quirinus

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August Quirinus, German anatomist, 1652-1723.
Rivinus canals
Rivinus ducts - Synonym(s): minor sublingual duct
Rivinus gland - Synonym(s): sublingual gland
Rivinus incisure - Synonym(s): tympanic notch
Rivinus ligament - flaccid portion of the tympanic membrane that is attached to the petrous bone at the notch of Rivinus.
Rivinus membrane - Synonym(s): flaccid part of tympanic membrane
Rivinus notch - Synonym(s): tympanic notch
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It has several small ducts, the minor sublingual ducts, some of which open directly into the mouth, while others join the main duct (CONSTANTINESCU, 2005; ELLENPORT, 1986; SCHALLER et al., 1999).