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A gene on chromosome 21q22.12 that encodes a member of the KCNE K+ channel family, which are essential to many cellular functions; they are protean in their electrophysiologic and pharmacologic properties. The KCNE1 protein product associates with the KVLQT1 protein product forming the delayed rectifier potassium channel.

Molecular pathology
KVLQT1 mutations are associated with Jervell and Lange-Nielsen and Romano-Ward forms of long-QT syndrome.
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It was delicious so I took it down to the factory and everyone liked it." She added: "We managed to trap another five squirrels and made a batch of about 60 containers from them, and they disappeared within two weeks." Slightly less creative plans are already in place to control those other American invaders, mink, that are eating all the native Welsh species in their path.
Now a shocking undercover film showing mink and fox suffering in Ireland has sparked outrage by animal campaign groups.
Police were alerted by a passer-by at 0300 on Monday morning (22 September) that the area was swarming with minks.
Mr Alan Hudson, head of the authority's environmental department, said they believed only about 200 minks had survived the escape.
WILMINGTON, Del.--In a move to redefine its position in the marketplace, The Mink Cos.
Well, minks can also make a pretty good stink when danger threatens.
PHOTO : A MATTER OF LIFE: Marlene Ruef and her son, Jeff, tend to 3,000 minks plus their kits at their Mount Angel ranch.
Rather, they raise a 'crop' prized for its warm, luxurious fur -- mink.
American minks have been more extensively researched outside of North America where escapes from fur farms have resulted in the establishment of invasive populations throughout Europe and other regions (Lariviere, 2003).
In 1975, natural reovirus infection in mink was first described in Germany (11).
Minks, originally from Southport, blended in at hospitals and colleges before grabbing equipment to fund a drug habit.
Minks is president of Jones Lang LaSalle's global client services.