mink enteritis virus

mink en·ter·i·tis vi·rus

a parvovirus that causes enteritis of mink.
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Using PCR-based methods, we excluded the following as causative agent: mink enteritis virus, canine distemper virus, Aleutian mink disease virus, mink orthoreovirus, and mink coronavirus.
Analysis of experimental mink enteritis virus infection in mink: in situ hybridization, serology, and histopathology.
Parvo viruses of carnivores include three closely related autonomous parvo viruses canine parvo virus (CPV), feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) and mink enteritis virus (MEV).
Those plants produced large amounts of mink enteritis virus that researchers recovered and used to inoculate test animals, who became resistant to the disease.
Three of the positive samples were from herds having mink enteritis virus.
Mink that tested positive for this new variant were from herds that had mink enteritis virus, hepatic lipidosis, Aleutian mink disease virus, and catarrhal enteritis, all factors that could explain the clinical and pathologic findings of the mink infected with HEV (15).
Emergence of Mink enteritis virus and CPV Type 2 (CPV-2)
The disease caused by the mink agent, named Mink enteritis virus (MEV), was thereafter observed throughout many regions of the world (2).
Characterization of antigenic variation among mink enteritis virus isolates.
Antigenic structure and variation of canine parvovirus type-2, feline panleukopenia virus, and mink enteritis virus.