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1. A moderate-sized computer that can serve many users in a department, or one dedicated to a complex computational function such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging; smaller and slower than a mainframe, more complex and powerful than a personal computer.
2. A miniature nerve potential occurring when a single neurotransmitter vesicle's contents are released.
[It. miniatura, decoration of manuscripts, fr. L. minium, red lead]
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Abbreviation for:
Mental Illness Needs Index
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mini international neuropsychiatric interview



A screening test to identify the possible presence of serious psychiatric illness in people, but esp. among prison inmates. The tests consists of 120 questions designed to identify 17 psychiatric disorders and is available in more than 40 languages.
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Two years later the Mini Clubman joined the range as a slightly larger model with a somewhat different front end compared to the classic Mini.
Numerous special versions of the classic Mini with all kinds of highlights - from sporting to trendy, from distinguished to fresh - entered the market as of mid-1970.
In 1990 fans the world over were delighted to celebrate the comeback of the Mini Cooper once again entering the model range.
Yet another new variant of the classic Mini made its appearance in 1991 as the last new model in the range.
MINI BRANCHES OUT The early 1970s saw the introduction of the Clubman, closely followed by the Morris Mini Traveller and Austin Mini Countryman with their double "barn-style" rear doors.
HARD TIMES For all its apparent success, the Mini wasn't a beloved icon throughout its entire production life.
THE MINI REGENERATES Now produced by BMW, the new MINI has little to do with its predecessor.
"Just as Alec Issigonis' first car did in 1959, MINI has continued to push the boundaries, whilst keeping creative use of space, driving fun, style and individualisation at its core".
The post 10 millionth MINI built as brand celebrates 60th year appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The literature does not have comprehensive data on surface and elemental composition of mini implants.6
Considering that most of manufacturers provide nonsterile mini implants19, the possibility of contamination of mini implant surface may occur during the handling or packaging process.
However there is not a reliable clinical evidence to support any implant brand.21 Before the utilization, analyzing the surface of mini implants shows it to be notably reasonable.22 For this reason, carefully examination of the implant surface about unwanted chemical elements and surface properties are extremely important.17 In addition to these mechanical concerns, unwanted chemical elements and metal residues on the surface of mini implant may lead to harmfull effect on the body, such as induced adverse tissue reactions and immunological responses.23 In the present study, six different commercially available mini implants (PSM, American Orthodontics, Orthoeasy, AbsoAnchor, Tomas, Mitos) have been investigated in terms of surface composition and characteristics.