miniplate osteosynthesis

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min·i·plate os·te·o·syn·the·sis

(minē-plāt ostē-ō-sinthĕ-sis)
Method of internal fixation of mandibular fractures using miniaturized metal plates and screws made of titanium, stainless steel, or biodegradable or resorbable synthetic materials.
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ORIF by miniplate osteosynthesis was the main treatment modality in this study accounting to (81, 76.4%), followed by intermaxillary fixation (18, 17.0%).
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US), miniplate osteosynthesis holds technical advantages over intermaxillary fixation for allowing bone healing of fractures of the facial skeleton in that: plates are small and easily adapted, they are applied monocortically, the approach is intraoral, and the plates provide functional stability that is biomechanically balanced.
(16) Miniplate osteosynthesis is accomplished by placement of a plate along the so-called ideal line of osteosynthesis, thereby counteracting distraction forces that occur along the fracture line by the supra hyoid group of muscles during mandibular function.