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The smallest amount or lowest limit.
[L. smallest, least]


(min'i-mum) plural.minima
Least quantity or lowest limit.
See: threshold

Patient discussion about minimum

Q. What is the minimum pregnancy months required for birth? I have heard that people have been giving births at 7th and 6th months of pregnancy, what are the side effects?

A. 24 week. Before that the fetus has no surfactant in his lungs and they’ll collapse right away. He wouldn’t be able to breath and there is no way to keep him alive. after the 24 weeks they can give him steroids that stimulates the excretion of the surfactant to the lungs.

Q. I want to lose minimum 10 kilograms in 2 month. What type of diet, exercise should I choose to achieve it? I have my farewell party after two months and I want to lose minimum 10 kilograms within this period. I don’t want to diet unnecessarily and lose on my health without any knowledge in dieting. I have to make it fast this time as I have already missed two months. What type of diet and exercise should I choose to achieve my desired result?

A. I cannot say much about exercises but you can start with cabbage soup diet before choosing any exercise and diet plan. This is a good and a quick way to lose weight. After a week of cabbage diet you must stop it and follow a balanced diet for a week with cabbage soup diet. You can start your exercise during the mid of this week. By another week you can stop the cabbage diet and carry on with the balanced diet and exercise. I have tried this way and it did help me in losing weight.

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More to the point, the FTC found that although the terms of the PPA require NTSP to deliver contracts to its physicians, NTSP rejected and did not deliver any contracts that fell below its minimum reimbursement schedule.
In sum, the FTC found that NTSP is able to exert collective bargaining power and fix prices because NTSP does not messenger contracts below its minimum reimbursement schedule.
Further, NTSP's PPAs use of powers of attorney and the activities associated with its minimum fee inquiries are inconsistent with the acceptable use of a messenger model.
To allow state courts to function as they should, Congress needs to overturn its unconstitutional mandatory minimum sentencing laws.
Owing to the disparity that Blakely will cause in sentencing, Congress will likely approve a new round of mandatory sentences, even though federally imposed mandatory minimum sentences are not the solution to sentencing problems.
If federally imposed mandatory minimum sentences were eliminated, the states could once again decide appropriate punishments, including the option of alternative sentences, which may alleviate monetary shortages and provide some social benefits.
A survey by the Federal Judicial Center found that 86 percent of federal judges oppose mandatory minimums. "Mandatory minimum sentences create injustice because the sentence is determined without looking at the particular defendant," says U.S.
The judge followed the mandatory (required) minimum sentence for Taylor's crime and sentenced her to nearly 20 years in prison.
The federal experience with mandatory minimums was mirrored at the state level, where sentences could be even more onerous.
Like federal mandatory minimums, the Rockefeller drug laws ' come down hard on people who are not exactly kingpins.
This graph shows the difference between the federal minimum wage and the minimum wage in 17 states and the District of Columbia.
In January, Hawaii's minimum wage was increased by 8 percent above its 2005 level.