minimum temperature

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min·i·mum tem·per·a·ture

in bacteriology, denoting a temperature below which growth will not take place.
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minimum temperature

In bacteriology, the temperature below which bacterial growth will not take place.
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In Islamabad, the maximum and minimum temperature are predicted to be 32 C and 13 C, respectively.The highest temperature recorded yesterday was in Shaheed Benazirabad at 43 C.
The minimum temperature was 15.6 degrees on March 8, 14.7 degrees on March 9, 13.2 degrees on March 10, 11.5 degrees on March 11, and 11.2 degrees on March 12.
He said that the minimum temperature recorded in the metropolis on Sunday was 12.5 degrees Centigrade whereas the maximum was 31 degrees Centigrade.
The minimum temperature recorded in Karachi on Saturday was
The Sultanate's highest mountain range Jebel Shams recorded a minimum temperature of -1 degree on Tuesday, according to the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre, which monitors weather conditions in Oman.
The Karachi Met office recorded on Friday a minimum temperature of 11AdegC.
" The minimum temperature was recorded at 30 degrees Celsius this morning, four notches above normal.
The results show that at both stations minimum temperature is increasing more than maximum temperature.
Weather will remain unchanged on Thursday, when a minimum temperature of -11 [degrees] C is expected.
FORECAST ABERYSTWYTH TODAY: Sunny, maximum temperature 20C, minimum temperature 12C TOMORROW: Cloudy, sunny spells, maximum temperature 17C, minimum temperature 10C.
The coldest day of the month was Wednesday 8 with an average temperature of -1.7C, the lowest minimum temperature of -5.1C was also recorded on this day, the third lowest minimum temperature for February since 1990.
Mortality risk was significantly associated with exposure for two indicators: minimum temperatures averaged for 1 to 13 August and minimum temperature averaged on the day of death and the 6 preceding days.

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