visual threshold

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vis·u·al thresh·old

, threshold of visual sensation
the minimal light intensity evoking a visual sensation.
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UT 1 21:22 2 10:18 4 18:10 5 7:07 7 14:59 8 3:56 10 11:48 11 0:45 13 8:36 13 21:34 16 5:25 16 18:22 19 2:14 19 15:11 21 23:03 22 12:00 24 19:52 25 8:49 27 16:40 28 5:38 30 13:29 Algol stays near minimum light, magnitude 3.
Houghton recommends comparing the light levels in each space to the code for your city, county or state: "Look at the minimum of light you have to have, then walk around the parking lot, sidewalk and sides of the building with a footcandle meter to see if you're within the codes in regards to minimum light.
You can shoot crystal-clear images even with minimum light during the night hours.
The uniformity represents the ratio of the average to minimum light level and the average to maximum light level.
A minimum light intensity must be maintained while they are operating, otherwise their curing capacity will be restricted.
The front camera can also now shoot at minimum light exposure without sacrificing as much of the image quality.
The detection of stroboscopic effect (percent likelihood of detection d, in percent) for rectangular waveforms operated so that the maximum light output is produced 50% of the time and the minimum light output is produced 50% of the time (50% duty cycle), has been described in [7] by the equation
If visual observers had been able to witness the event they would no doubt have seen the asteroid take on a reddish hue as it approached minimum light.
By law windscreens must have a minimum light transmission of 75%.
It is advisable to have minimum light while sleeping, as light interferes with sleep and causes awakening.
Incandescent Minimum Light CFLs (watts) Output (lumens) (watts) 40 450 9-13 60 800 13-15 75 1,100 18-25 100 1,600 23-30 150 2,600 30-52
Since the film defaults to dark when the power is off, it can't meet federal regulations on minimum light transmission levels.
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