minimum assistance

min·i·mum as·sis·tance

(min'i-mŭm ă-sis'tăns)
Application by a caregiver of support or assitance at a single point of contact to enable a patient to perform an activity safely. The patient expends at least 75% of the effort; the caregiver, 25% or less.
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According to the government statement, acceptance of special loans for capital intensive projects and other projects of a special nature would be subject to conditions, including the stipulation that the minimum assistance from a bilateral partner would be $1 billion a year, of which at least 50% shall be normal untied loans.
There is a non-profit organization named gAsuikuh in Sendai city in the Tohoku region which was badly affected by the disaster in March 2011 that supports the education of children in households receiving public minimum assistance or those affected by the disaster.
MHCA members care for the frail elderly, mentally disabled, veterans groups and residents who need minimum assistance with daily living.
ALL CITIZENS of Cyprus will be guaranteed the minimum assistance needed by the state to enjoy a dignified living through the rationalisation of the entire benefits system, said Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou yesterday.
Smith had ambulated 125 feet with minimum assistance. Missing, for proper reimbursement, was the clinical judgment and rationale that went on in the therapist's mind during that journey.
Perhaps it is the sort of Labour Party politician who placed so much emphasis on this occasion as to deprive all the survivors of all but the barest minimum assistance in order to attend the event?
At the same time the franchisor may feel that once the franchisee is trained, up and running, and either profitable or close to profitability, they require minimum assistance.
Potential Problem: Moves feebly or requires minimum assistance. During a move skin probably slides to some extent against sheets, chair, restraints, or other devices.
He was at the back of the field entering the straight but he was still going well and finished to great effect with minimum assistance from the saddle.
Bradley Babson, senior adviser to Vice President for East Asia and Pacific Region Jemal-Ud-Din Kassum, said in a written answer to questions by Kyodo News that he told officials of the Finance Ministry, central bank and Foreign Trade Bank in Pyongyang in February 1998 that the bank is ready to provide minimum assistance available to nonmember countries.
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