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apothecaries' system

a system used for measuring and weighing drugs and solutions, brought to the United States from England during the colonial period; it has now been replaced by the metric system. Its units are the grain, scruple, dram, ounce, and pound. Fractions are used to designate portions of a unit of measure: e.g., one-fourth grain is written gr. 1/4. The fraction 1/2 is written ss. There are two symbols in this system which are sometimes confused and always must be written clearly, those for drams and ounces. Lower case Roman numerals are used after the symbols: ʒiss reads drams one and one-half; ℥iii reads ounces three. See also Table of Weights and Measures in the Appendix.

min·im (m),

1. A fluid measure, 1/60 of a fluidrachm; in the case of water about one drop.
2. Smallest; least; the smallest of several similar structures.
[L. minimus, least]

minim (m, min)

Etymology: L, minimus, smallest
a measurement of volume in the apothecaries' system, originally one drop (of water). It is now standardized to 0.06 mL; 60 minims equals 1 fluid dram.


1. A fluid measure, 1/60 of a fluidram; in the case of water, about one drop.
2. Smallest; least; the smallest of several similar structures.
[L. minimus, least]

minim (miˑ·nm),

n a small measure of liquid, roughly 1/480th of a fluid ounce, or the size of a drop of water.


A fluid measure, 1/60 of a fluidrachm. Smallest; least; the smallest of several similar structures.
[L. minimus, least]


a unit of volume (liquid measure) in the apothecaries' system, equivalent to 0.0616 ml.

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Since that was the time of a semibreve, that time would be 1 1/2-2 seconds, 3-4 seconds or 6-8 seconds if the pulse corresponded with the minim, crotchet or quaver respectively.
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Will's method is an advance on Minim in that it may be applied in situations in which characteristics for all people to be allocated are known in advance, rather than solely for scenarios in which participants are allocated as they are recruited.
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