A motif found in RNA molecules, consisting of a structural cis-acting export element that comprises a double stranded stem (>14 nucleotides) with a base-paired 5' end and a 3-8 nucleotide protruding 3' end.
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The top-half domain, sometimes referred to as a tRNA "minihelix," has been shown to provide the determinants necessary for specific charging by aminoacyl tRNA synthetases (14, 15); for interaction with elongation factor Tu (16); for 5[prime] processing by RNase P (17); and for distinguishing elongator from initiator tRNA (18).
A top-half tDNA minihelix is a good substrate for the eubacterial CCA-adding enzyme.
BARTEL: You're making the argument that because all these enzymes that recognize tRNA interact primarily with the top minihelix, that minihelix is therefore more ancient.