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1. A moderate-sized computer that can serve many users in a department, or one dedicated to a complex computational function such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging; smaller and slower than a mainframe, more complex and powerful than a personal computer.
2. A miniature nerve potential occurring when a single neurotransmitter vesicle's contents are released.
[It. miniatura, decoration of manuscripts, fr. L. minium, red lead]
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Abbreviation for:
Mental Illness Needs Index
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mini international neuropsychiatric interview



A screening test to identify the possible presence of serious psychiatric illness in people, but esp. among prison inmates. The tests consists of 120 questions designed to identify 17 psychiatric disorders and is available in more than 40 languages.
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The Princess of Wales wore a black minidress at the Apollo 13 premiere in 1995.
Minidress is handled by Al Zarooni so that is an immediate plus for this Listed event.
Minidress is handled by Al Zarooni so that is an immediate plus for the Listed Height of Fashion Stakes.
GOODWOOD: 2.00 Sky Lantern, 2.35 Goodwood Atlantis, 3.10 Bonnie Brae, 3.45 Minidress, 4.20 Rasheed, 4.55 Blazing Field, 5.30 Volito.
He fields Nayarra, Lady Gorgeous and Muaamara, while Mahmood Al Zarooni runs Minidress and Pimpernel.
However, singer Eliza Doolittle was seemingly the biggest fashion 'fail' with her multicoloured, 90s style, lip-print minidress.
Alongside him was current Miss Wales Courtenay Hamilton who was showing off the figure that won her the title in a stunning black minidress.
Dare to be sexy in this white lace, strapless minidress, by Vlassis Holevas.
A sexy minidress by Imitation of Christ riffs on the traditional kimono with its extra-wide sleeves and two-toned obi.
I watched one (in fab rain boots and a minidress; why didn't I think of that?) snuggle close, cup her palms around the tiki torch, then coo as Garrett got it to light.
The wall behind him is plastered with posters of a rock-and-roll diva in a black skintight minidress, standing at a microphone in a smoky spotlight with legs splayed and hip cocked: Marlene Dietrich reborn as Courtney Love.
Their international success - number one in thirty-one countries - was recently emphasized by a picture of head-Spice Geri at the Brit Awards in red platforms, black undies, and a Union Jack minidress. Move on UP!