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Summarization of non-synonymous single amino acid variation in genes of Yucatan miniature pigs selective sweep using SIFT and Polyphen-2 Item SIFT Deleterious Deleterious low confidence Polyphen-2 Benign 58 10 Possibly damaging 47 7 Probably damaging 118 7 Unknown 1 21 Total 224 45 Item SIFT Tolerated Tolerated Total low confidence Polyphen-2 Benign 536 59 663 Possibly damaging 81 12 147 Probably damaging 62 0 187 Unknown 16 21 59 Total 695 92 1,056 SIFT, sorting intolerant from tolerant; Polyphen-2, polymorphism phenotyping v2.
We have successfully completed the transurethral catheterization in female miniature pig through the following operation technology: “V”-shaped platform with an angle of about 30[degrees] to the horizontal plane, pediatric laryngoscope deep lighting, and bending lower limbs and pressing down to the ventral side.
The degenerative joint disease detected in the miniature pig 9 months after the surgery has also been observed in dogs treated for luxation.
Female miniature pigs reach sexual maturity between three and four months.
(2000) concluded that growth in the maxillary sinus size in the miniature pigs did not follow the growth pattern of skull.
The micropigs are the second stage in the development of miniature pigs. Since 1973, the Colorado laboratory has maintained a colony of a naturally occurring breed of small pigs from southern Mexico and Central America.
The whole genome sequence data set used in this study included data of 14 Berkshire, 26 Duroc, 14 Korean native pigs, 14 Landrace (Danish), 16 miniature pigs, and 16 Yorkshire (Large White) pigs, and 10 wild boars.
They inserted the mutant gene into the nucleus of miniature pig embryos, which were then transferred into surrogate mothers for gestation.
Pancreatic islets transplanted into the kidney of a miniature pig and allowed to vascularize engraft well and are capable of regulating glucose levels immediately upon removal of the pancreas, researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA reported at the 18th International Congress of the Transplantation Society in Rome, Italy.
Effect of recipient breed on delivery rate of cloned miniature pig. Zygote 2009;17:203-7.
Should your neighbors in Eugene be allowed to have up to six chickens, six rabbits, two pygmy goats, one miniature pig and two beehives?
London, July 27 (ANI): Glamour model Katie Price has quit eating pork after she was presented with a miniature pig as a wedding gift.

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