land mine

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A victim-triggered antipersonnel device buried in a road or field and intended to—when trod upon or run over by a vehicle—explode and kill/maim the enemy
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land mine

Global village An antipersonnel device buried in a road, field, and countryside, intended to, when stepped on, explode and kill/maim the enemy du jour
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Q. Why do I have major headaches during flight landings? I always get really strong headaches just before landing. Lately, they have been so severe that I honestly feel like my head is going to explode. The closer the plane gets to the ground, the more pain I have. After landing, the pain eases a little but I have a headache at least a day or two afterwards. Do anyone have any suggestions?

A. The air pressure change makes air expand and if your ear canal is blocked –there is a severe pressure on your inner ear/estacian tube. This is painful.
You might try swallowing real hard or yawning, or “popping” your ears. This is called "Valsalva" maneuver :

Q. what are the do and don't do of Allergic people when they go out side to the open land?

A. if seasonal allergy is what you mean -there are certain times a year that you know you get sick. try avoiding long walks in fields of blooming flowers at those times...take antihistamine with you all the time, and don't forget some tissue paper :)

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For more than an hour, an eyewitness to the tragedy shouted in Arabic to=20 Agabriya, who lay wounded in the minefield. "We were sure he would make it,= "=20 the witness told Ynet.
We were looking for sub-munitions (small bombs) but unfortunately I found a minefield."
Several large maps posted at public places warn about general minefield locations.
TEN Russian soldiers died in Chechnya when an officer drove a heavy truck out of a base without per-mission and it blew up in a minefield,according to the Russian authorities.
Placing minefield information in a digital format known as the common operational picture (COP) and entering the information in a database for analysis were the objectives of collection during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Gardner was awarded the MC in June 1941 for an action near Halfaya Pass when his tank tracks were blown off in a minefield. He crossed the minefield four times to assist wounded and then led the survivors out along the line of the tank-tracks.
Acquiring a long-term care facility is like navigating a minefield: There are known risks, unknown liabilities, and always the uneasy feeling that unforeseen dangers are lurking.
Over the past five years, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)--the central research and development organization for the Department of Defense--has developed and tested the concept of a self-healing minefield system.
DeSouza strayed into this minefield on his own and responded without checking with real experts on the subject.
James Bond's newest mission begins with a spectacular high-speed hovercraft chase through a minefield in the demilitarised zone separating North and South Korea and the action doesn't stop until the credits role.