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A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination.
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Pearson's new chief executive Ms Marjorie Scardino showed her determination to restructure the struggling media group yesterday by finally ditching its disastrous software acquisition Mindscape.
Winnie the Pooh Triple Pack (Mindscape The Learning Company, pounds 9.99).
An earlier, similarly constructed work, Cloud, 1998, had a biomorphic outline and hung in midair; Friedman once described it as "a physical remnant--a diagram, actually--of a mindscape." I don't think LeWitt has ever been that metaphorical.
Customers include IBM, Dell, Mindscape, Palm, Canon, Nortel Networks and Lucent.
The narrator recounts the tale of her future conception, an event that arises when her father, an environmental activist who has spent years handcuffed to a fence in a bid to stop the dam, kidnaps her mother, a TV presenter on a teleshopping program and wearer of a "tangy-colored two-piece." As the unborn child talks, the camera floats over a breathtakingly strange, oneiric world-a shimmering mindscape of viscous liquids and translucent architectural forms.
Dataquest named Microsoft Corp., Mindscape, Grolier, Electronic Arts and Broderbund as the top five CD-ROM companies, based on worldwide shipments.
Sait, managing director of Mindscape Exhibitions Pvt, which is organising the Times Realty India 2012 exhibition which is to run at JW Marriott Hotel Deira on Friday and Saturday.
M I Sait, managing director, Mindscape Exhibitions, said: "India's Real Estate sector is expected to grow to a $180 billion industry by the year 2020 as per the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).
It's a real pleasure to give materiality to this active inner life, to realize a fictional interior that is both a proposal for habitation and a mindscape.
Nolan sets the bar ridiculously high for himself; after all, how can you top Batman's world and the mindscape of "Inception"?
Mindscape recently released a CD-ROM title with Ziff-Davis Press.
Mindscape's $65 million loss in the first half of 1996 singlehandedly caused a 31% drop in group operating profits, despite a 23% rise across all Pearson's other businesses.