mind cure

mind cure,

n healing system according to which feelings or thoughts are the most important factor in human health. Negative thinking is believed to cause disease, whereas good health results from positive thoughts.
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The history of New Thought; from mind cure to positive thinking and the prosperity gospel.
Traditional world religions, he claims, have had sick-souled founders, while mind cure is an example of a religion with healthy-minded founders.
As alluded to above, he sees the great world religions as appealing mostly to sick souls and focuses on mind cure as a religion that appeals to the healthy-minded.
He also points out that mind cure is guilty of "innumerable failures and self-deceptions" and that some of the mind cure literature is "so moonstruck with optimism and so vaguely expressed that an academically trained intellect finds it almost impossible to read it at all" (1985, 84).
Mind cure proponents of healthy-mindedness have continued to flourish in such churches as Christian Science, Unity, and Religious Science.
Emma Curtis Hopkins (September 2,1849-April 8, 1925--just sorting out the correct dates is a service) was a central figure in the development of New Thought and mind cure healing.
From the preposterous New Age mind cure of Deepak Chopra to the hard-nosed confidence of Think and Grow Rich, few offer much beyond a variation on working hard, being specific in formulating your goals, and treating others well in order to get what you want (whether you call this manipulation or "karma").
NEW YORK, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mind Cures, L.
We are all born with the ultimate creating device-our mind-HypnoHero enables users to direct the minds power towards achieving their goals and creating the life they have always imagined," said Evan Gappelberg, Mind Cures, L.
We seek to dramatically improve people's lives by changing the way they incorporate self-help into their busy lives," said Wilson Christopher, co-founder of Mind Cures, L.