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The resulting restoration time was 240 nanoseconds and power-supply noise was 2.5 millivolts, compared to 20 millivolts for existing technologies, a reduction of 87.5%.
"In some men, this tiny charge weakens to around 50 millivolts and cells become traumatised.
The cells generate about 300 to 400 millivolts of electricity.
User-programmable features include scheduled instrument health checks and 24x7 monitoring of AC voltages, DC voltages, DC millivolts and analog and digital input channels.
Therefore, if the module is non-isolated and a transient voltage occurs in the electrical system, the data could be off by hundreds of millivolts. Even in static environments, data could be off by tens of millivolts.
Instead, it gives a measurement, in millivolts, of the activity or strength of the oxidizers (substances that bum off organic matter) in relation to their concentration.
Typically measured in millivolts, the zeta potential of a solution, if greater than approximately 30mV or -30mV, indicates the suspension is stable.
During nearly 5,000 hours of continuous testing, GTI said the MEAs in the multi-cell stack, which was powered by "simulated hydrogen reformate gases," exhibited "extraordinarily low cell voltage decay of five millivolts per thousand hours," while the advanced molded graphite plates exhibited "excellent performance and stability."
Dr Franco is Fisch of the BX3 Laboratories in Paris says: ``On a healthy head, the cells in the hair follicle are continuously charged by the body's natural electricity at about 70 millivolts.
A bathing child playing with a faucet or spout with a wet hand could complete a circuit driven by this voltage, which may vary from several millivolts to over a volt.
The voltages produced are typically on the order of millivolts to a volt, but can be as much as 10 or 20 volts if the ground points are separated by hundreds of feet.
Every cell in our body has a small electric fee of 40 to 90 millivolts. These cells are like minute batteries.