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 (mm) [mil´ĭ-me″ter]
one thousandth (10−3) of a meter; equivalent to 0.039 inch.
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mil·li·me·ter (mm),

One-thousandth of a meter.
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(mm) (mil'i-mē'tĕr)
One thousandth of a meter.
Synonym(s): millimetre.
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The turret is made of welded steel providing Level 1 protection and is armed with a 120/25 millimetre breach-loading smoothbore mortar.
"There is a 70-80 per cent chance of us getting two or three millimetres of rain and a 20 per cent chance of us getting more than that.
Further, he said 17 boreholes were operational which supplied about 7 751 cubic millimetres per day in Maun against the required 14 715 cubic millimetres per day and thus there was a shortfall of 6 964 cubic millimetres of water per day.
This is not the case at Cork with the course, due to host racing on Saturday, having been flooded by 40 millimetres of rain on Sunday night.
Where we have gone wrong in this country is to ignore centimetres and express all measurements less than one metre in millimetres, which are much more difficult to comprehend.
He was told by a nurse: "Three millimetres this way, you no walk - three millimetres that way, you dead."
The Sultanate of Oman is characterised by hyper-arid (less than 100 millimetres of rainfall), arid (100-250 millimetres of rainfall) and semi-arid (250-500 millimetres of rainfall) environments," said Dr Kwarteng.
In front it is 1,553 millimetres (an extra 11 millimetres), and in the rear 1,557 millimetres (an extra 16 millimetres).
"I have two forecasts that tell me I might have as much as 15 millimetres of rain overnight and while I am confident we can take it, if they are wrong and we get 25 millimetres, it is worth taking the responsible view and having a precautionary look."
In addition to this diamond, there were 29 other diamonds, ranging in size from 3.06 to 0.70 millimetres, recovered from the same sample.