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 (mm) [mil´ĭ-me″ter]
one thousandth (10−3) of a meter; equivalent to 0.039 inch.

mil·li·me·ter (mm),

One-thousandth of a meter.


/mil·li·me·ter/ (mm) (-me″ter) one thousandth (10−3) of a meter.

millimeter (mm)

a metric unit of length equal to one thousandth (10-3) of a meter.


(mm) (mil'i-mē'tĕr)
One thousandth of a meter.
Synonym(s): millimetre.


one-thousandth (10−3) of a meter; equivalent to 0.039 inch; abbreviated mm.
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Licensed E band (70-90GHz) accounted for 69% of total millimeter wave equipment revenue in the first half of 2012
5 millimeter are scarce, accounting for only 10 parts per billion of the total sediment mass.
The BIS-WDS Prime provides full-motion concealed object imaging capabilities without subjecting screened persons to any type of energy or radiation what-so-ever, known as "passive" millimeter wave technology.
The millimeter wave transceivers at the base stations operating at frequencies greater than 60 GHz (corresponding to wavelengths shorter than 5 millimeters) will be equipped with antennas providing very narrow beams so that an almost unlimited number of transceivers will be able to simultaneously use the same millimeter wave spectrum.
Sandia's testing provides an incredible opportunity to independently corroborate our system capabilities, which uses millimeter wave sensors to locate objects such as suicide bombs made of plastics, ceramics and composites--not just metal--that transportation operators cannot find today without random stops and searches.
Scientists refer to the portion of the radio spectrum from roughly 30 to 300 GHz as "millimeter wave frequency bands," since the actual length of the electromagnetic wave in a signal in these bands is measured in millimeters.
In terms of its dimensions, the Nissan Terra is close to the Murano crossover, which is 16 millimeters long, and Toyota Highlander ("Japanese" is eight millimeters long, and the distance between the axles is 60 millimeters less).
In the first night of 2018, the Israel Meteorological Service measured more than 30 millimeters of rain in the Western Galilee's Ayalon kibbutz.
8 millimeters of rainfall, from 10am on March 9 to 7am on March 10, according to PACA.
Following Cabanatuan City is Baler with 405 millimeters of rainfall, Casiguran with 335.