millet seed

mil·let seed

(mil'et sēd),
The seed of a grass, formerly used as a rough designation of size of about 2 mm in diameter.
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Therefore the cylinder and concave would have to thresh, the beater would have to beat, the straw shaker would have to shake, the sieve would have to sift, the shoe would have to shake, the auger would have to auger, the elevator would have to lift the millet seed and the blower would have to blow the millet straw onto the stack.
To prepare inoculum for soil application, 200 gm of millet seed was placed in a conical flask and soaked in 100 mL of water for 1 hour and twice autoclaved for 20 minutes on consecutive days to ensure sterility.
Softly scented with lavender filled with millet seed, these furry Boots slippers from Intelex have elasticated ankles to keep them wrapped snugly around your feet.
(20) reported that finding rice bodies along with millet seed or melon seed-shaped lesions is highly suggestive of tuberculous tenosynovitis.
"He asked whether a single millet seed makes a noise when it falls.
It could be millet seed. It was surprising," he added.
Donnalee Dox's most welcome skill as a writer has been her clarity when transmitting the complex mystical meditations of medieval Church luminaries to a modern reader (my own research is indebted to her explanation of the "millet seed" paradox of Albert of Saxony, for example).
In fall 2004 near Atchison, Kansas, we placed two similar-sized bird feeders filled with a mixture of black-oiled sunflower seed, thistle seed, safflower seed, millet seed, milo seed, and cracked corn.
"This seed is like ourselves"--A case study from Rajasthan, India on the social aspects of biodiversity and farmers' management of pearl millet seed. Margraf Verlag, Weikersheim, Germany.
Millet seed contains a range of nutritional substances to help keep hair follicles healthy along with wheatgerm oil and panthothenic acid, an essential B vitamin that plays a key role in the metabolism of hair follicles.
I mean, I could fling millet seed at a shoebox for half an hour and display the result - but would it be art?
Phostrogen has a season-long feed, time-release stuff which looks a bit like larger-than-life millet seed, as does Osmacote.