military medicine

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mil·i·tar·y med·i·cine

the practice of medicine as applied to the special circumstances associated with military life.
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The concept papers adopted during the 13th Asean Defence Ministers Meeting covered the Role of Asean Defence Establishments in Supporting Border Management, the Establishment of Asean Military Medicine Conference and the Expansion of the Asean Direct Communications Infrastructure.
They agreed as well to strengthen cooperation in the field of military medicine.
A draft law "On joining the Charter of the International Committee of Military Medicine" was considered at a meeting of the Azerbaijani parliament's committee on defense, security and the fight against corruption on June 19,Trendreports.
According to a study published in the Journal of Military Medicine, ketogenic diets are low in carbohydrates and emphasise moderate consumption of protein, with fat consumed to satiety.
'The two sides decided to boost cooperation in key fields, such as exchanges among young officers, the defense industry, non-traditional security, air forces, and military medicine,' it added.
277 senior high and vocational schools, as well as 128 universities, have signed agreements with the defense ministry to ensure smooth recruitment for the armed forces, and to equip those wanting to serve in the army with skills particularly needed by the defense industry, including aeronautics, navigation, military medicine, cybersecurity, and chemicals.
Sarraf went on to explain to his counterpart projects from the Defense Ministry related to modernizing military medicine, as well as a sustainable energy project that he said would save a significant amount of money for the military.
Precipio announced that it has been approved by the United States Department of Defense, or DoD, as a domestic vendor within the foundation for the advancement of military medicine. Approval as a vendor will enable DoD funded medical centers to utilize Precipio ICE COLD-PCR technology in mutation testing for both active duty as well as military veterans.
"The entire world should seriously confront the countries which seek to beat the drums of war with warmongering and not to allow certain states to lead the world towards clashes, violence and war," General Hatami said, addressing the 4th International Asia-Pacific Forum on Military Medicine in Tehran on Monday.
ISLAMABAD -- Some 107 international and 1700 Iranian delegates will participate in the congress to discuss the latest military medicine achievements, said Brigadier General Hassan Araghizadeh on Sunday.
Lt Cmdr Leigh Davies, a trauma surgeon, said: "This could be a big step for military medicine. There are multiple applications, such as giving advice to student doctors or combat medics."

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