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1. like millet seeds.
2. characterized by the formation of lesions resembling millet seeds.
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(mil'ē-ā-rē, mil'yă-rē), Do not confuse this word with military.
1. Resembling a millet or other seed in size (about 2 mm) and shape (oval).
2. Marked by the presence of nodules of millet seed size on any surface.
[see miliaria]
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Referring to a disseminated process comprised of innumerable millet-seed sized lesions, classically seen in miliary tuberulosis in the pre-antibiotic period—the ‘millet seeds’ correspond to granulomas—and also seen in disseminated histoplasmosis and CMV pneumonitis
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adjective Referring to a disseminated process comprised of innumerable millet-seed sized lesions, classically seen in miliary TB in the pre-antibiotic period–the 'millet seeds' correspond to granulomas, also seen in disseminated histoplasmosis and CMV pneumonitis.
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1. Resembling a millet seed in size (about 2 mm).
2. Marked by the presence of nodules of millet seed size on any surface.
See: miliaria
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(mil-e-ar'e-a) [L. miliaria, pert. to millet (seeds)]
An inflamed papular or vesicular rash that results from obstruction of the flow of sweat from sweat glands, esp. by occlusive clothing in warm and humid conditions. miliary (mil'e-er?e), adjective


The rash often improves after the patient returns to a cooler climate or the affected area is cooled and dried.

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apocrine miliaria

Fordyce-Fox disease.illustration

miliaria crystallina

A noninflammatory eruption from sweat glands marked by whitish vesicles caused by the retention of sweat in the cornified layer of the skin, appearing after profuse sweating or in certain febrile diseases. Synonym: sudamina

miliaria profunda

A form of miliaria seen almost exclusively in the tropics, frequently following attacks of miliaria rubra. The affected area is covered with pale, firm, painless papules 1 to 3 mm across. These papules do not cause itching.

miliaria rubra

Prickly heat.illustration
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Morente has backed up his 'mistah' or Philippine Miliary Academy classmate, Immigration intelligence chief Charles Calima, who claimed that Argosino and Robles were extorting money from Lam who was caught hiring 1,316 illegal Chinese workers in an on-line gaming casino in his Fontana Leisure Park and Casino in Clark, Pampanga last Nov.
The point of recruiting a professional army was to cut down on miliary service for conscripts to 14 months from 24.
When Dave Glover first visited the Royal Miliary Tattoo, he was a wide-eyed toddler enthralled by a dashing Queen's Guard at Edinburgh Castle.