miliaria rubra

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mil·i·a·ri·a ru·'bra

an eruption of pruritic macules with small central vesicles at the orifices of sweat glands, accompanied by redness and inflammatory reaction of the skin.
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mil·i·a·ri·a ru·bra

(mil'-ē-ā'rē-ă rū'bră)
An eruption of papules and vesicles at the orifices of sweat glands, accompanied by redness and inflammatory reaction of the skin.
Synonym(s): heat rash, prickly heat, strophulus, tropical lichen, lichen tropicus.
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(mil-e-ar'e-a) [L. miliaria, pert. to millet (seeds)]
An inflamed papular or vesicular rash that results from obstruction of the flow of sweat from sweat glands, esp. by occlusive clothing in warm and humid conditions. miliary (mil'e-er?e), adjective


The rash often improves after the patient returns to a cooler climate or the affected area is cooled and dried.

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apocrine miliaria

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miliaria crystallina

A noninflammatory eruption from sweat glands marked by whitish vesicles caused by the retention of sweat in the cornified layer of the skin, appearing after profuse sweating or in certain febrile diseases. Synonym: sudamina

miliaria profunda

A form of miliaria seen almost exclusively in the tropics, frequently following attacks of miliaria rubra. The affected area is covered with pale, firm, painless papules 1 to 3 mm across. These papules do not cause itching.

miliaria rubra

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1 Miliaria crystallina 353 95.3 2 Scalp ecchymosis 71 7.1 3 Perianal dermatitis 56 5.6 4 Miliaria rubra 24 2.4 5 Caput succedaneum 9 0.9 6 Sclerema neonatorum 1 0.1 Table XIII.
* Miliaria rubra ("pricklyheat") is caused when keratinous plugs occlude the sweat glands.
The most frequent was miliaria rubra with a frequency of 1.7%, followed by erythema toxicum neonatorum with a frequency of 1.3%.
Miliaria rubra was seen 12 cases, all of them came for consultation during summer.