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a cutaneous condition with retention of sweat, which is extravasated at different levels in the skin. Treatment is directed at reducing sweating by reducing the external heat load and avoiding irritating agents and tight clothing. Bland powders may be helpful. Called also prickly heat and heat rash.
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An eruption of minute vesicles and papules due to retention of fluid at the orifices of sweat glands.
Synonym(s): miliary fever (2)
[L. miliarius, relating to millet, fr. milium, millet]
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A condition characterised by multiple vesicles associated with increased heat, moisture and occlusion.
Clinical findings
Pruritus, hypohidrosis, irritability.
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Prickly heat Dermatology A condition characterized by multiple vesicles associated with ↑ heat, moisture, occlusion Clinical Pruritus, hypohidrosis may cause irritability and insomnia. Cf Diaper dermatitis.
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An eruption of minute vesicles and papules due to retention of fluid at the orifices of sweat glands.
Synonym(s): miliary fever (2) .
[L. miliarius, relating to millet, fr. milium, millet]
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(mil-e-ar'e-a) [L. miliaria, pert. to millet (seeds)]
An inflamed papular or vesicular rash that results from obstruction of the flow of sweat from sweat glands, esp. by occlusive clothing in warm and humid conditions. miliary (mil'e-er?e), adjective


The rash often improves after the patient returns to a cooler climate or the affected area is cooled and dried.

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apocrine miliaria

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miliaria crystallina

A noninflammatory eruption from sweat glands marked by whitish vesicles caused by the retention of sweat in the cornified layer of the skin, appearing after profuse sweating or in certain febrile diseases. Synonym: sudamina

miliaria profunda

A form of miliaria seen almost exclusively in the tropics, frequently following attacks of miliaria rubra. The affected area is covered with pale, firm, painless papules 1 to 3 mm across. These papules do not cause itching.

miliaria rubra

Prickly heat.illustration
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A prickling skin eruption caused by blockage of sweat gland ducts and due to excessive sweating, especially in unacclimatized people in the tropics. Also known as prickly heat.
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* Deep heat rash (miliaria profundal) is the least common form and is caused by chronically inflamed sweat glands.
Lesions of Miliaria rubra appeared on 2nd to 4th day, while lesions of Periporitis staphylogenes appeared on 3 rd to 4th day of life.
1 presents archaeological research section S01/2011 (barrack IV) from Cohort I Miliaria (Dimensions: 3 x 10 m; Orientation: North-South, drawn at north of the barrack IV next to room C).
In general, treatment for miliaria is conservative and focused on helping to relieve any immediate symptoms.
Su obra "What is life?" (1944/1967), sobre todo, fijo una piedra miliaria en la historia de la ciencia.
In an article published, significantly, in the "Turismo y viajes" section of El Sol, Rivas drew a similar analogy between Melida's "tierno cuidado" and his own, by underscoring the millenary dimension of the product he was about to unveil for his spectators: Seneca's "piedra miliaria de una tradicion de cultura, aspirante a la unidad del mundo, si, pero en la libertad de la conciencia nacional" ("Teatro clasico").
Miliaria calandra (Corn Bunting)###1 (15.02.2009)###5###60###75 (13.09.2008)###R###LC###A.4
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While most people know it as heat rash, it's medical name is miliaria and it's often referred to as prickly heat.