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Variant of micron.
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Enjoy Mikron's radiant redcoats as they guide you through 80 years of the Billy Butlin's holiday dream.
Written by playwright, journalist and broadcaster Nick Ahad, there will be the usual Mikron mix of fun, pathos and songs.
Playwright and former Mikron actor Vashti Maclachlan said: "It's been a pleasure to write again for Mikron in its 48th year and an honour to shine a spotlight on the tireless women who gave their all to shape a Women's Royal Navy Service fit for the future."
Mikron, who have been producing their unique brand of theatre for 43 years, are the only company touring throughout England by narrowboat.
And Conrad Nelson, Broadsides' associate director, has penned the music for the Mikron show.
Mikron Theatre Company, which is based in Yorkshire, travels via canals and rivers, taking professional theatre to pubs, village greens, canal basins, fields and allotments.
As Ricky Kauffman, Medical Imaging Quality Assurance at North Ottawa Community Hospital, noted to Mikron Digital in a recent communication, “I love the room.
Russia based manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics and a division of SITRONICS JSC (LSE:SITR) Mikron JSC (Mikron) and Cryptography Research Inc (CRI), a division of US technology licensing company Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS), announced on Tuesday the signing of a patent license agreement between the two companies.
Toolmaker Mikron Tool SA Agno now offers the customer two parallel drill programs with the ideal cost-performance ratio for every application.
(Schaffhausen, Switzerland) has formally joined the separate product ranges of its electrical-discharge-machine producers Charmilles and Agie with that of its milling-machine company Mikron into a single brand: GF AgieCharmilles (Meyrin--Geneva, Switzerland).
With this in mind, Mikron Machining Technologies improved its multi-step concept of a linear CNC transfer machining system for use in precision manufacturing.