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Variant of micron.
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If, however, you'd rather book an indoor show then Mikron is at Bolster Moor Farm Coffee Shop on Thursday, May 18, from 7.
RUSNANO joined the project of OJSC NIIME and Mikron for setting up the manufacturing of 90 nanometre microchips in 2009.
Mikron is based at the foot of the Yorkshire Pennines and has been producing its unique brand of theatre for 43 years.
Mikron Theatre Company, which is based in Yorkshire, travels via canals and rivers, taking professional theatre to pubs, village greens, canal basins, fields and allotments.
Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest is a Midwest distributor of Shimadzu products.
Russia based manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics and a division of SITRONICS JSC (LSE:SITR) Mikron JSC (Mikron) and Cryptography Research Inc (CRI), a division of US technology licensing company Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS), announced on Tuesday the signing of a patent license agreement between the two companies.
The MiquDrill line is an entirely new range of products offered by Mikron Tool.
The movements are faster and follow each other in a more fluid progression than before," Rolf Held, design manager of Mikron GmbH, Rottweil, Germany, said of the increased speed of the Multistep XS.
Acquisition of another Swiss company, high-speed-milling specialist Mikron, came in 2000.
Capability: Quick Code programming is a version of developer Mikron Technology's Quick Code programming that had been offered as a programming utility on its machine tool controls.
CRI), a division of Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS), and Mikron JSC (Mikron), a division of SITRONICS JSC (LSE:SITR), today announced they have signed a license agreement regarding the use of CRI's patents in Mikron products, including Mikron's secure integrated circuits.
Marsden's Mikron Theatre Company was named best arts group by the Canal and River Trust through its Living Waterways Awards.